Images 2002-2004

sound performance in Melbourne (1)

Sound Performance in Melbourne (2)

Artist: Michael Graeve
length, width, depth
CLUBSproject inc, Melbourne
Sound performance and installation (3+6 hour durational performances)
Record players, loudspeakers, cables, records.
Photographs: Elissa Sadgrove
A really enjoyable show at a great artist run space in Melbourne, 'length, width, depth' referred to the combination of spatial and durational interests in this project. It was a three- and a six-hour long sound performance, but also very much an installation: With around 25 record players and 50 loudspeakers there was plenty of spatialisation of sound, and just a little bit of action watching the artist controlling the noise coming out of all those boxes.

Improvised Quartet A&B (Oil on linen)

Michael Graeve
Improvised Quartet A, Improvised Quartet B
Oil on linen
Each work: 4 panels, 310mm x 1210mm each / 12" x 48" each
Photo: Jeremy Dillon

My studio

NGV Installation

NGV Installation-Performance


Michael Graeve
0, 16, 33, 45, 78
Ian Potter Center, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
2004 Australian Culture Now
Installation, studio and performance views.
Silent sound installation and six scheduled sound performances.
Record players, loudspeakers, cables, wooden shelf.
Photography: Jeremy Dillon.

This piece lived multiple lives during a three-month period in 2004: part sculpture, part instrument, part silent sound installation. Actually, for most of the time it was litterally a silent sound installation, with the powercord explicitly unplugged and rolled up. During this time it was a sculpture where an old wooden shelf was straining under the weight of piles of old record players and loudspeakers, and the viewer could only imagine what sounds and volumes this monster might be capable of. However, on six scheduled occasions the sculpture was brought audibly to life, and became a humming, whirring and howling instrument, played by the artist who was dwarfed by the scale of his instrument.

Bundanon Improv III, II, I

Michael Graeve
Bundanon Improv III, II, I
Oil on cotton
each panel 12" x 48" or 31cm x 121cm
Installation view
Photography Jeremy Dillon

ICN Installation

ICN2 installation

Michael Graeve
VCA Gallery, Melbourne
Sound installation (amplified airconditioning).
Loudspeakers, amplifiers, microphones, cables.
'PROJECTS One' exhibition, curated by Dr John R. Neeson.
Photography: Greg Elms

Michael performing

Michael Graeve
Live at Unsound 2003
Unsound 2003, Wagga Wagga
Curated by The Wagga Space Program
Record players, loudspeakers, cables
Photographer: Johannes Klabbers
My first performance in a shearing shed, at the wonderful Wagga Wagga Unsound festival. A hot day in an evocative setting! (MG, 2006)



Michael Graeve
West Space Inc, Melbourne
Painting and sound installation
9 paintings (oil on linen), 2-channel sound composition (22:30)
(4 panels 31 x 152cm, 5 panels 31 x 121cm)
Photography Christian Capurro


Michael Graeve
Downtown Art Space Inc, Adelaide
Photography: Natasha Frisch

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