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Michael Graeve and Christoph Dahlhausen
dialog I
2006 raum 2810, Bonn
Photography: Christoph Dahlhausen.

Enemy Chicago

EnemyII, Chicago

Enemy03, Chicago

Michael Graeve
Enemy, Chicago
4-channel sound composition: 4 loudspeakers, ProTools. 3 wall paintings with acrylic on two found walls and one purpose-built wall.
Photography: Tom van Eynde

MGraeve Sonambiente Berlin,  img1

 Sonambiente Berlin, 2

MGraeve Sonambiente Berlin,  img3

Sonambiente Berlin, 4

Michael Graeve
Sonambiente Berlin 2006
Curated by Georg Weckwerth and Matthias Osterwold
7-channel sound composition: 7 loudspeakers, 4 amplifiers, 2-channel CD and 5-channel DVD. 21 painted panels (acrylic on MDF). Modified building lighting.
Photography: Michael Graeve

A painting and sound installation on an architectural scale, handcrafted for this office space in a wonderful sound art survey exhibition. In this case the three-dimensional painted work was married to the space (taking its rhythm from the exposed aluminium cross bars found in the ceiling). The sound and lighting in turn were married to the painted work through their compositional arrangement. What did you hear in the space? A 5-minute, 7-channel composition made up segments of flat noise and feedback sounds. As always, these sounds derived from old record players and loudspeakers, but in this case this source material was very much abstracted, without any reference to the source of the recordings audible. (MG, 2006)


Michael Graeve
West 39th St, between 8th and 9th
Oil on linen
Each panel 31 x 121 cm
Photography: Christoph Dahlhausen

Gigantic Artspace

Michael Graeve
Gigantic ArtSpace, New York NY.
Group exhibition "Your Sky", curated by Amanda Cachia and Robyn Donohue.
Various works: Paintings (oil on linen), loudspeakers, record players, amplified air-conditioning, plexi-glass.

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